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Client Case Studies

American Public University System

Personalizing the Student Experience


American Public University System (APUS) is one of the country’s first and most prestigious online degree-granting institutions. Faced with both tough competition and a changing set of student expectations, APUS launched an effort to design the next generation student experience.


Using our journey mapping tool, CX/Digital partnered with APUS to create a map of the current journey and generate a visualization of the current student experience that would identify both chronic problems and opportunities to delight, thereby creating a competitive advantage. After conducting our second of two Design Sessions, the APUS design team went from generating a new student experience theme to a validated set of improvement ideas, then to a powerful storyboard, and ultimately to a defined and approved set of action plans—all in the space of a few weeks.


The APUS executive team has used this initiative as an opportunity to create even greater alignment in the organization for delivering a world class student experience, combining immediate early wins with longer term digital transformation enhancements that will drive a whole new level of personalization and student recognition for achievement.

“Thank you for all you did for APUS on this project. I cannot possibly put into words how much value you gave to the Student Experience Redesign project.”

Gwendolyn M. Hall, Ph.D. Chief of Staff, Office of the President (Lt Col, USAF, ret.)

resident (Lt Col, USAF, ret.)


Delivering a Better Onboarding & Billing Experience 


Humana’s Commercial Division had contracted with a consulting firm to help them develop a new operating model for their billing process. Our role was to apply software and research services to deliver qualitative and quantitative “outside in” customer insights.



Our research goals were to:

  • Define a clear understanding of the current end-to-end customer journey of small business customers.

  • Determine  how Humana could serve Small Business customers better and solve issues that were  contributing to a lack of satisfaction with billing specifically.

  • Develop a list of short-term actions that would effectively address current billing issues.


Following a 5-step process, CX/Digital applied our software and services to create a shared map of the customer journey and uncover the root causes contributing to billing issues. We then delivered a 1-day CX Design session to help prioritize improvements to the experience that we then validated with our Quantitative Focus Group capability. The results shaped the final design of their new Operating Model and improvement initiatives.

"CX/Digital helped us quickly determine where in our client’s customer journey the biggest opportunities for improvement were in weeks not months. We went from validated insights to targeted solutions faster and with better quality than I ever thought possible."

Rob Kennedy Consulting Partner, Tata Consultancy Services Limited


World Fuel Services

Delivering the World Way Promise 



World Fuel Services’ land-based business was facing both market share pressures as well as margin erosion in their North American operations. The World Way was developed to rally the organization around a customer-centric operating model and a new Brand Promise.


Our solution was delivered over 3 phases and included:

  • We used our journey mapping software to create a Map of the Commercial and Retail customer experience

  • Launching mobile surveys to better understand the highs and lows in the customer journey

  • Designing the “ideal” customer experience including:

    • Development of the new Operating Model

    • Ideal Customer Experience Storyboard

    • New Service Blueprints, Operations and Behavioral Standards

    • Leadership and frontline training; design of new measurement systems and more…



With Phase 3 underway, the project is still ongoing. Early wins identified:

  • Helped improve invoicing accuracy

  • New frontline brand behaviors have had a positive impact on new business orders

  • A recent employee pulse survey reported improvements in communications, career development and a focus on the customer

This was a 15-month project that left no stone unturned as we re-engineered the business to focus on the employee and the customer. CX/Digital was a true partner and brought their research, tools and unmatched expertise to help us launch a new trajectory for the business.”

Michael Crosby, Executive Vice-President, Global Land

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