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About Us

Our new book, The Digital-First Customer Experience - Seven Design Strategies from the World's Leading Brands  will be released in July 2023. It features the best practices of digital-first leaders including Nike, Amazon, CEMEX, Starbucks, Lemonade, VMware, and Spotify.

A Rich Heritage

CX/Digital is a subsidiary of The Service Profit Chain Institute (SPCI), originally founded in 2005 by Joe Wheeler and Professors James Heskett, W. Earl Sasser and Leonard Schlesinger of Harvard Business School. Over the years, SPCI has worked with dozens of organizations across a diverse set of industries to implement Service Profit Chain concepts. CX/Digital stands on the shoulders of SPCI’s landmark cross-industry research into high-performing companies.


Core Team

Our Core Team oversees a global network of over 25 CX/Digital certified consultants that bring significant experience and expertise to the challenge of designing and delivering digital first experiences that achieve measureable results.

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