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CX/Digital provides three capabilities, applying some of the most advanced technologies in the world to bring your digital first experience to life.



We apply AI-based text-analytics, video research and other tools to reduce the cycle-time required to validate the Moments of Truth and Loyalty Drivers that separate the 'signals from the noise.'


Business Case

Creating a business case that is competitive with other investment options is crucial for success. We follow five proven steps to quantify the incremental financial lift that could be generated from delivering a digital first experience.



For clients interested in transforming the experience they deliver to employees and customers, our CX/Digital Design Accelerator follows an Agile-based process to redesign and manage the customer journey.


CX/Digital's research capability combines powerful analytics tools to provide profound insight into the current employee and customer experience, and how to prioritize improvements that will deliver measurable results.

Businessman on Phone

Source: Remesh.


Quantifying the financial pay-off of investing in digital first changes can be challenging. Our team works with you to develop a  statistically validated business case prior to testing potential improvements that will also guide your implementation.

Analyzing Graphs


Our CX/Digital Design Accelerator combines leading-edge design strategies with AI tools to deliver a powerful, digital first customer experience. This allows us to conduct rapid experimentation of potential solutions that solves customer problems, removes friction and provides a seamless omni-channel journey. 

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